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Request a QuoteSnapchat training from Social Media Training Solutions ensures you equip your organisation with the skills and knowledge to drive your brand on one of the fastest growing social networks in history.

Our provision of Snapchat training at corporate level is an indicator of the audience volume on this unique app and the demand from businesses to capitalise on the opportunity it presents.

Snapchat has long been seen as the platform of choice by the younger generations. However, use has grown rapidly and a widening audience, demographics and activity levels have made it a network that no organisation can ignore.

We tailor Snapchat training days to meet your requirements, from businesses with no previous knowledge to brands that are already using the channel.

Snapchat training can be merged with content on other channels, such as Instagram, if required. Our training approach helps you to Snapchat effectively and ensure it fits with any existing social media strategy.

Sample training agenda

Our training days last 6 hours on average.

Snapchat training days are provided using our specialist software to demonstrate the app on projection equipment.

To request a no-obligation quotation for a bespoke Snapchat training day, please use our contact form.

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