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Request a QuoteLinkedIn training is one of our most commonly requested days. We deliver it on your premises and to bespoke requirements, ensuring your staff leave with a far greater understanding of what the social network can bring to your organisation.

It is the perfect training day for those looking to leverage LinkedIn for communications, sales, marketing, human resources or other purposes. Each day looks at the elements of the platform your respective departments (or organisation as a whole) will get the most from and reveals a wealth of techniques that average, and even advanced, users will never have seen.
Our clients would tell you how we adapt the day to take into account questions and subjects that are raised by delegates. We create an agenda but firmly believe that the best training needs to be able to be flexible.
We can cover the paid features in LinkedIn if required, from Sales Navigator to Job Advertisements and their Careers Pages, but we'll unveil options that are always popular with clients and show them how organic use of the platform can often achieve the same results that many organisations pay a premium for.

Call us, email us or use our contact form today and we'll be delighted to help you.

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