LinkedIn is providing a hub for collated Coronavirus information

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13th March, 2020

LinkedIn has announced a team of 60 editors will be collating news and information on Coronavirus in an effort to provide a news portal on the subject for users.

LinkedIn state:

"If you are using our search functionality to find information about the coronavirus, you’ll find a new trusted information section curated by our editorial team at the top of the page. All this information is also featured in the Daily Rundown we send to members in 96 countries in 9 languages. It’s an easy way for you to get top news of the day. "

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They go on by writing:

"We’re also seeing organizations starting to use LinkedIn Live to share updates in real-time. We’ve seen companies take their in-person gatherings virtual, including Chanel, which streamed its runway show on LinkedIn Live, and the World Health Organization, which did it’s first LinkedIn Live Q&A on mental health. You can discover a live video stream from your homepage feed or through your notifications."

You can read the full LinkedIn article by clicking here.

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