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Request a QuoteSocial media training is our specialism.

We're not a generic advertising, SEO, branding or PR agency.

Since 2006, we have delivered the highest quality social media training to world-class companies, government bodies, non-profit organisations, small to medium sized enterprises and all other types of organisations.
If you look at our clients page you'll find a portfolio of names that supports our social media training knowledge.
We don't list clients unless we have trained them at corporate level in groups. We even give you the opportunity to speak to existing clients if you want to, to back up our credentials.
We work with global leading brands, training across the UK, Europe and Middle East, many of which are multi-billion dollar companies.
We regularly provide bespoke social media training to companies that have previously engaged the services of other training providers and been disappointed in the text-book point and click nature of what they receive.
That is why we've gone to great lengths to create training that is relevant, doesn't waste time and focuses on giving tangible results from your social media activity.

We are almost uniquely placed to offer an insight far deeper than the mere uses of Twitter and Facebook as social media platforms.

The bespoke social media training we offer is tailored or built around core areas such as:

The questions we can answer go well beyond the realms of normal training and all our consultant trainers are full-time employees. We do not use freelance or sub-contracted staff.

We can give support long into the future, helping you integrate your newly found social media knowledge.

Call us, email us or use our contact form today and we'll be delighted to help you.

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