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The Open Championship, Siemens, Department for International Trade, SPAR Stores, Autoglym, AstraZeneca, British Safety Council, Royal Veterinary College, British Library, local authorities and many more.

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SME Training

For small and medium-sized enterprises, we recommend that your training journey starts with our Social Media Essentials bespoke training.

Social Media Essentials training.

Public Sector Training

We are the choice of countless local authorities as well as central government. We offer a full public sector training service.

Public Sector Social Media Training.

Customer Service Training

We provide social media training days for customer service teams, bespoke to your organisation, audience, sector and requirements.

Bespoke customer service training.

Social Media Training

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Social Media Training News

17th June 2020

All our bespoke social media training is now online via webinar due to COVID-19.

Social media training webinars are now the standard method of our social media training delivery due to COVID-19. We are chosen by some of the world's biggest brands for bespoke corporate training on social networks. From marketing and communications to customer service and human resources, we deliver the training you need.

Our clients range from small businesses to national retail chains, public sector bodies, hotel groups, oil companies and global conglomerates. Whatever sector you operate in, we help you obtain the social media skills your staff need.

Twitter Training

Twitter Training

Learn how to harness the power of Twitter to build brand awareness, drive sales and promote your company. Our Twitter training days can change the social media outlook of any organisation.

Twitter training.

LinkedIn Training

LinkedIn Training

LinkedIn training gives our clients the knowledge they need to realise the most from the platform. HR, public relations, marketing or sales, we show you how LinkedIn can generate a return.

LinkedIn training.

Facebook Training

Facebook Training

Understand how to engage with new and existing customers, attract the colossal Facebook membership to your brand and ensure your news and company services are promoted clearly, consistently and attractively.

Facebook training.

YouTube Training

YouTube Training

YouTube training equips your organisation with the skills to market, engage and capture audiences on the world's most watched video channel at a time when moving media has never been more important for brand awareness.

YouTube training.

Linkedin training

Social Media Essentials

The most comprehensive bespoke social media training you'll find. This day provides an insight to how all the main social media platforms can deliver success. Bespoke to your business, it is the perfect starting point.

Social Media Essentials.

LinkedIn Training