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Request a QuoteSocial Media Training Solutions Ltd are different to almost every other provider of training on social media platforms. Here are just some of the reasons we're chosen by the world's biggest brands:

Expert and focused

We don't try to be all things to all people. Social media training is our only service. Most other companies that offer training are generic training companies, web companies, PR or SEO companies and freelancers that have added social media to a long list of claimed expertise.

Bespoke training

Our training is bespoke to your company or organisation. It isn't 'stock' training that we roll out from one client to another. Every day is closed-class and we don't try to train groups from all manner of companies and sectors in a single day, because to do so misses one of the most important points about social media - different markets need different techniques and strategies.

Full-time employees

Your trainer will be a full-time employee of our company. We don't use freelancers or sub-contract our training whilst claiming that your trainer works for us like many other companies do. We have your interests at heart and we work to give the best possible day of training.

Post-training support

You receive 3 months post-training support as standard with all our training days. We don't abandon you when you need our help. We believe in the value of outstanding customer service and we'll always be here to assist if you need us to.

Fixed price

We charge a fixed price for your training that you'll be given from the outset of contact with you. You can have up to 15 delegates in a single day of training (sometimes more by prior arrangement) and there are no hidden costs. The price you receive will include the training itself, travel, support, everything. We believe in complete clarity and transparency.

Global brand clients

If we say a company is a client of ours, it means we've trained them as a corporate group - not just an individual that may sign up to a day of training that other providers offer and then claim the entire group is a client. What's more, we'll prove it and put faith in the quality of our service by letting you speak to our clients if you want to.

Commercial and business experience

Your trainer will have top-level business experience. They'll have worked in a senior corporate position and be much more than a social media expert. Our clients often comment that this has been vital in understanding their aims and objectives.

Trust and integrity

Apart from our multi-national household name clients, we've been chosen by organisations such as the Ministry of Defence, other central government departments and a vast number of local authority clients. We've been checked and vetted to the highest possible levels of integrity in order to work in some of the most confidential environments there are.

Proven success

Ask about the brands and organisations we've worked with and the success they've had since deploying our training knowledge. We've helped global players get off the ground, High Street retailers gain momentum and rapid traction, government bodies to get their messages to their audience and small to medium sized businesses achieve genuine and continued bottom-line growth.

Social media channel relationships

We have direct relationships with every major social media channel. We know exactly what is happening on social networks, what you need to be aware of for the future and don't rely on third-party sources. However, we have always spurned partnership opportunities with channels in order to be able to give you truly independent advice that is invaluable to your organisation.

Professional and reliable

We are professional in our business dealings and 100% reliable. We're often contacted by organisations that have engaged the services of a freelancer or other social media training provider and have been let down at short notice. One of our central government clients once said "You instil confidence and you understand what we need and deliver it every time".


Such is our reputation that we've had some amusing requests over the years.

Other training providers have asked us if we'll train them, despite their websites already claiming that they're experts in social media.

We've received requests from advertising agencies that want us to manage their client social media activity for them under their name, hiding the fact they're not managing the accounts - something we'll always refuse to do because that lack of transparency and honesty isn't our style of conducting business.

We often receive disguised enquiries from other providers that want to tap into our training secrets. There are no secrets other than 13+ years of experience in social media and a thirst to be the best training provider there is.

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