Public sector social media training

Delivered on your premises

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Public sector social media training requires experience, expertise and bespoke content for the challenges faced by public sector organisations.

We have worked with public sector organisations including the NHS, the London Assembly, housing associations, regional development agencies, Ministry of Defence funded bodies, borough, city, county and district councils.

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All our training for the public sector is delivered after careful consideration of your needs, research into your region, aims, objectives and we construct an agenda for training that you are given complete control of.

Our training is delivered on your premises with huge advantages to public sector organisations.

However, the preparation and tailored approach to our training brings the biggest benefits. How many times have you heard or been on courses where the content isn't all relevant to your organisation?

Large sections of courses are often wasted because they're too generic in their subject matter and that is how most other companies deliver social media training.

Our training is bespoke to your needs. Before a day commences, we do the following:

We have worked with public sector departments at all levels, including:

Because of the unique position of public sector organisations in the UK, we can advise on your social media activity from conception through to issue management and resolution online.

Furthermore, all public sector training courses benefit from our post course support by email or telephone, included as standard.

Simply put, there is no other organisation in the UK that offers the attention to detail and course benefit that we do.

To hold one of our training courses at your premises (or nominated location), your site must be able to meet the following requirements:

You'll find example pricing on for all our social media training courses on the links on the left of this page. Prices vary depending on your location and because we can tailor content to very specific needs or over multiple days if requested.

If you're a public sector organisation looking for a complete social media training programme, we can construct it for you. No two courses are the same - everything we deliver is specific to your requirements.

Courses are offered throughout the United Kingdom and we've even delivered public sector training in the Shetland Islands.

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