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Customer service social media training is a bespoke service we provide to many of the biggest household name brands and organisations.

Social media networks are often overlooked as platforms for customer service options, yet they can offer a reach and form of communication that few others can rival.

Their ease of access, demographic penetration, speed of response and unique ability to manage reputation can be critical assets to an organisation.

Our social media training options for customer service use on social media channels are wide and varied. We can advise on the best channels in your sector, give case studies or examples of both good and bad use, as well as consulting with you on the potential pitfalls.

We provide a recommended content agenda ahead of all our training courses. This could recommend Facebook, Twitter, or a combination of a number of channels. All our customer service social media training takes your type of business, customers and products or services into account.

Whether you want us to discuss the potential of social media with a main board of directors in a session, or deliver directly to customer-facing service staff, our style of delivery, content and techniques are very finely tuned to ensure maximum impact and a high intake of the new knowledge we'll bring to your business.

Your business concerns, aims and objectives are all considered. We appreciate that embarking on the use of social media channels can be a nervous time for business, especially as a customer service option.

That's why we seek to inform and address your concerns from the outset. It is vital to us that your experience of social media is a positive one, so we do all we can to support you throughout training and beyond.

Customer Service Sectors we've trained in:

Train the Trainer

Because some businesses have large customer service departments we offer a Train the Trainer course.

On these sessions we'll train up to 10 staff who will then be provided with all the documentation they need to deliver training to larger numbers, over your chosen timeframe, without incurring additional costs.

They'll even have the benefit of our post-training support options for calling on our expertise if an unforeseen training issue arises.

Our documents are provided in both PDF and Microsoft Word formats. They can either rely on our notes throughout their internal delivery or amend, edit, copy and paste to produce the documentation they want to train from.

Train the Trainer courses offer exceptional value whilst still allowing you to propagate our high quality training throughout even the largest of global organisations.

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