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Corporate Social Media Policies have never been of greater importance to organisations.

They are as vital to a company using social media as any other form of internal control documentation.

They protect your brand, your staff and they limit your risk of exposure to being legally compromised by social media activity.

Social Media Training Solutions Ltd provide a corporate social media policy production service that provides your organisation with a professional policy document.

We liaise with you and discuss your organisation structure, social media activity and staff policies outside of social media. We then begin the process of preparing a bespoke social media policy for your organisation based on conversations that continue as your document develops.

We ask questions that we know are critical to successful social media policy deployment and we'll even advise you on the way to ensure acceptance of the new internal controls.

You receive a document branded in your company style that will cover:

You receive a comprehensive and applicable social media policy that has the benefit our years of expertise behind it, saving you weeks, if not months, of research and the potential for omissions that can have catastrophic implications.

Social Media Policy Pricing:

Your social media policy can usually be sent to you within 10 working days.

Use our contact form and we'll reply to your enquiry to discuss your precise needs.

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