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Request a QuoteOur Social Media Essentials day gives your business the perfect introduction to the marketing potential of the most popular platforms. However, this is training that delivers knowledge that can be put to immediate use by social media novices and regular users alike.

Instead of concentrating on a single social media channel, Social Media Essentials gives you an excellent overview of how all the major sites can work together to help your market your business online – and you’ll be shown real and practical ways of doing so.

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Blogs, and many more areas are covered – and we put together the jigsaw for you. You’ll learn the strengths and weaknesses of each, be shown expert tips and tricks on how to find, target and convert your audience and the training is delivered in a highly enjoyable and personable style that caters for all levels of social media knowledge.

You’d be mistaken to think that if you already know how to use Facebook, Twitter, etc, that this course won’t be for you.

The difference between our course and others available is quite simple, we tailor the content to your business, the sector in which you operate and the aims you have as an organisation. We don’t deliver the same training twice, you’ll receive bespoke training that is based on pre-course research we conduct in your area of business and from conversations we’ll have with you long before the training takes place.

Social Media Essentials has been the choice of public sector bodies, retail chains, specialist retailers, manufacturing groups, public relations companies, advertising agencies, charities and many more companies.

The key to this course is its flexibility and adaptation of content. We aim to bring you training that is perfect for your needs. We won’t waste time showing you things you’ll never use or don’t need, nor will we bore you with technical demonstrations. Social Media Essentials gives you the social media marketing strategy you need and shares our expertise in how to deploy it.

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Our training days last 6 hours on average. Our trainer arrives at your site at least half an hour before the course is due to commence.

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