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LinkedIn Training QuoteLinkedIn training from Social Media Training Solutions is unique in the way we tailor content to your business, sector, aims and objectives. With over a decade of experience in social media training, we know how important it is for content to be relevant to your market.

If you don't need us to go into the basics of LinkedIn profile creation, we won't. If you'd like to focus at a more intermediate or advanced level, we will. If you're entirely new to LinkedIn, we'll give you complete ground-up beginner level training.

There are so many market specific techniques that our LinkedIn training covers what will work for you. Our aim is to ensure your training session is as productive as possible.

We often hear how people have endured an hour or more training on LinkedIn Groups. That might be fine for you if you're in a sector where heavy use of groups will deliver results. However, groups won't work for everyone.

Company pages, updates, posts and the way your present your brand, they're all items that some people adopt a very standard methodology to. Our training is so much more than a point and click exercise.

Should you be opening up the publication of posts to all staff? What are the legalities of an employee associating themselves with your company and then ignoring a company policy on how they maintain their profile?

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HR departments use our training to make their recruitment processes more efficient. Sales and marketing departments are trained in visibility, tone of language on LinkedIn and uniform profile construction. PR and communications staff benefit from being shown the most effective ways of promoting their message.

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