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Request a QuoteFacebook Advertising Training from a company that has trained corporate clients on social media for over a decade (since 2006) is increasingly in demand.

In addition to our organic Facebook training days, our Facebook Advertising training day has been designed to give your business the skills to manage any type of campaign.

Most organisations recognise the sheer power of Facebook and the ability to market their brand. However, the scale of the Facebook Advertising platform can be daunting.

Companies often find their budgets wasted or their campaigns ineffective.

Our clients recognise that the cost of a single day of training on the Facebook advertising platform can recoup itself very quickly.

Why use an advertising agency or PR company to manage your advertising on Facebook if you can bring it in-house and arrange and manage better campaigns at lower cost?

That is what our training days equip you to do. What's more, they're bespoke in format and delivery. They're specifically designed to cover the elements you want us to and don't waste your time with advertising options you'll never use.

Facebook advertising training days demonstrate the power of the platform and how to exploit it with the utmost efficiency.

Why spend £1,000 to reach your customers if £500 or less will have the same impact?

Why budget £20,000 for a product launch if the audience you specifically want to reach will only need £7,000?

Our training days last 6 hours on average, typically running from 1030 to 1600.

They allow for up to 15 delegates in attendance and you'll even receive 3 months support by email or telephone post-training.

This support ensures that any questions you have, any stumbling blocks you encounter or any new Facebook platform developments that are introduced are all accounted for.

We can arrange Facebook advertising training in internationally, on your premises, with clients as far afield as the Middle East.

You're safe in the knowledge that you're receiving training from a company that has trained multi-national and global-leading brands.

Take a look at our client list for all the confidence you'd ever need.

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