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Request a QuoteBlogs are one of the most overlooked methods of social media interaction by businesses and organisations in the UK.

They represent an excellent platform on which to communicate your message in a way few other platforms allow, but they’re also the perfect destination for other social media platforms to tie in with – and a potentially invaluable way of delivering visitors to your company website.

Our Blog Training Course is designed to teach you everything you need to know to start, develop and cultivate a blog to the point that it becomes an essental social media platform that brings you tangible and previously unknown visitors.  As with all Social Media Training UK courses, content is tailored precisely for your organisation, sector and your goals.

You’ll be shown how blogs are a major cog in the social media engine and how to use them to your advantage.  We dispel the myth of blogs requiring hours and hours of writing, and show you how success is directly linked with quality and reasonable quantity.

Your trainer will be able to discuss the variances between blogging platforms, from Blogger to Wordpress and through to custom written solutions – he or she will even help you decide which way forward your company should take and how to get started if you haven’t already.  For existing bloggers, you’ll be taught the effectiveness of many deeply hidden tricks that the more skilled blogger uses daily without you even knowing.

Blog Training Course Content

Our courses last 6 hours on average.  If you want to book an extended course we can arrange that too.  Our trainer arrives at your site at least half an hour before the course is due to commence.

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